20 Body Changes You Should Absolutely Never Ignore

When something feels off in our bodies, it’s hard to tell whether it’s something about which we should panic, or if we’re just a little bit under the weather due to something normal like stress or exhaustion. There are a plethora of weird symptoms we might experience, but often they’re harmless or meaningless.

Other times, however, these signs can be indicative of some major health issues, so it’s important we don’t ignore them. Deciphering the difference between harmless and dangerous symptoms can be difficult, but it’s important to know which signs we should never neglect. Even if they don’t always point to larger health problems, they can help alert us to potential issues and are likely to warrant a call to your doctor.

1. Rapid Weight Loss:

Rapid weight loss, as welcome as it might be, could be the sign of an underlying health condition.

Consider seeing a doctor if you lose 5 percent of your weight within six to 12 months without trying. This could be a sign of cancer, depression, Parkinson’s, diabetes or something else entirely.

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